Email List Rental Done Right

Here’s a great example of email list rental from Surfline and Rip Curl. It demonstrates how the publisher (Surfline) can provide value to the marketer (Rip Curl), all while winning the hearts and clicks of their subscribers.

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Amazon Focuses on Relevance in Weight Watchers Season

One of the most important elements of an email message is its relevance to the recipient. If the recipient wants the message and divines purpose from said message, it’s likely to be a successful campaign. So that’s why I applaud for the message below: When you click on the image to see the full-size version, you’ll see what I mean by relevance. Here’s what I like: About three years ago, I bought my parents a Weight Watchers cookbook. The first paragraph reminds me of that purchase and links me to additional cookbooks. Nice little tug there. Relevance in terms of timing: New Year’s Resolutions are played up in the headline. Good call there. I really like the use of “Featured Recipes” as a portion of the message. Solid visuals compliment the cookbook theme. Because after all, if it looks delicious and you know it’s from a diet cookbook, you might even buy the book to cook the meal. Right? It’s cut off in the above screen grab, but below the Featured Recipes section is a “More Weight Watchers Books” section. Good call with a big of a secondary offer module there. The fact that everything is linkable makes this message easily clicked through to the desired pages. Nicely done. There is one thing I don’t like about this message: “Dear Customer.” It’s a bit surprising to find that since Amazon knows I bought the Weight Watchers cookbook that they couldn’t go for a Dear “First Name” at the

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