Have you ever thought about what made you buy something from an email?

Many emails get deleted every day because they don’t suit users’ wishes at the precise moment they are received. Because emailing is still the first marketing channel and subscribers get more and more emails every day, you need to adapt email content using contextual marketing. This will allow you to meet users’ expectations in your email campaigns and encourage them to make a purchase. You may be asking yourself right now: “Wait, why am I not already using contextual marketing?” This is probably because context is the only thing you cannot control.

Context is one of the new concepts in email intelligence, along with content, behavior, and moment. You must take these elements into consideration when establishing your email campaigns and adapt content for each subscriber, in order to reach more subscribers and turn them into customers.

Contextual Marketing

As mobility is growing fast, contextual marketing has been growing too. We can open emails all day long and our context may be different each time we open one. Context includes a wide range of parameters such as weather, devices, localization, etc. All these elements actually influence subscribers’ behavior and reaction to emails. Take weather conditions, for example. Subscribers will not respond the same way on a sunny day as they would on a rainy day. There is a simple reason for that: they don’t have the same needs or interests. If it’s raining and you send an email that highlights swimsuits, well you can be pretty sure that your users are not going to buy one, but they may be more willing to buy an umbrella or a raincoat.  And context can differ from one subscriber to another. If Simon gets an email and it’s raining where he is, it might be different for Alice at the same time, as it could be sunny where she is. This is the reason why content needs to be adapted in real-time.

Frozen vs. Up-to-date Content

Email content should not be frozen. When creating your campaign, you should be able to choose to display different pictures, links, or calls-to-action based on your users’ context each time they open your email. But this doesn’t mean wasting time creating different campaigns. You could create one and only one campaign, but when editing it in the builder, you would be able to define different elements according to weather conditions, temperature, devices, or localization. Technology does the rest – displaying the right content to the right user according to the context in real time.

For example: If John opens your email at 9am on his mobile, you would display an image redirecting to your app. If he opens this email again at 6pm on his desktop, you would display an image redirecting to your website.

About the Author: Vincent Martinet is the CEO of Reelevant, a live email intelligence technology that aims to eradicate mass mailing. Follow Reelevant on Twitter: @Reelevantapp