Google announced it’s re-re envisioning of the inbox today. Why do you care? Well, you probably shouldn’t unless you’re an email marketer or inbox neat freak in which case I suggest you read on.

Attention Email Marketers

For many of us reaching the inbox consistently can be quite a struggle. With Gmail’s newest addition to the inbox getting your material in front of readers is going to be even more difficult – just skipping the spam folder simply wont cut it anymore. This means that we need to write email that has more value or connection. Give your people a reason to wait eagerly at their home screen for your e-letters.

Selling is great – and you should never be scared of selling your products or services if they have value – however it’s important to pepper in some free, actionable value in your messages.

Whether it be as simple as showing your subscribers a nifty subject line character using miscellaneous symbols to increase conversions ★ or just telling a story to put a smile on their face give them something to look forward to in your emails. Take a moment to think about who you’re mailing and what would be useful to you if you were in there shoes (maybe some tips on how to get better affiliates or a strategy you use in your business). By doing so you’ll see:

  1. Better open/click rates.
  2. Higher placement in the inbox/folders.
  3. Engaged customers and more referrals.

We’ve known it for awhile – but engagement is going to become king. Keep your readers interested and you will flourish.

Attenion Inbox Neat Freaks

One of the new releases highlighted features are inbox groups. Similar to Gmail’s existing system of filters, tags and folders your email can be separated into different categories depending on what type of mail it is.

Different is it’s interface. Now each folder will appear as a tab at the top of your inbox – better yet the Gmail mobile interface will feature an easy to navigate menu – something most mobile inboxes fail to provide.

You’ll have the ability to choose between displaying one to six different tabs that you can separate to your liking. I could see the most popular being social notifications, receipts invoices, educational newsletters, and sales messages. Best of all, Gmails new inbox can be toggled – meaning those scared of change or just stoked on their current setup can retain their classic view.

Will Gmail’s new inbox last? Only time will tell, but from the preview things are looking up and I don’t think it will suffer the same fate as AOL’s Project Phoenix. See more on Gmail’s newest feature via the original blog post or their dedicated product page at

About the author: Brendan Dubbels is the Postmaster and  Director of Advertising for