Email Design Best Practices in 2013 (Infographic)

Ravi from Email Monks sends their updated email design best practices infographic, which comprises useful information on how well one could and should design an email or newsletter templates in 2013.

The main topics covered within this email design best practices infographic include current mobile rendering considerations as other important factors to consider, such as the pre-header, body content and footer.

Email Design Best Practices Infographic




  1. I hate to be that guy, but you have a typo on the infographic in the Brand Optimization. Letter B – Email Address, ‘address’ is missing a d.

  2. Hi there,

    Any thoughts on emails that have lists at the top that take you to areas of the email? (anchor links)



  3. Great infographic!

    I see a large part of the industry neglecting mobile optimized emails. Not everyone has an iphone, for WebKit, standard email design practice can work. However, android and other mobile OS mail apps have problems with displaying how the designer had intended it to be.

    It’s great to see you bring up the importance of this in the infographic.

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