How to Get Your Email Marked as Spam

Guitar Center’s unsubscribe page is just begging users to report their email as spam:

guitar center spam

Here’s why:

  1. Requires that I input my email address
  2. I must then confirm my email
  3. Defaults to “send me all email communications”

Give these extra steps (a) looking back to see which email addresses is subscribed, b) double entry, and c) checking to see which option is checked) it’s far easier to simply flag it is as spam. Right?


I understand their reasoning but with deliverability challenges as they are…I strongly recommend a less frustrating exit.  You never know, I might want to receive emails at a later data but if it’s flagged, the opportunity is lost.

About the Author: Scott Hardigree is the founder of Indiemark, an email marketing agency.


  1. Very true, Scott. Making it harder to unsubscribe than to Spam is just asking for it. I’ve found that it’s always best to offer your reader a clear way to unsubscribe. Why force someone to be a subscriber?

  2. The number of major organizations who fail at even the most basic concepts of CAN-SPAM never ceases to amaze me.

  3. On the personal side it annoys me to no end when I get to an unsub page like that. In the end, I never bother unsubing so I guess the strategy works. On the business side, I just think companies like that are lazy.

  4. I’ve been told it’s an acceptable and information rich practice to ask 2-3 reasons for the “unsubscribe” such as: I’m recieving too many emails from you, I’m no longer in need of your offering, my “in-box is just too full, but try me in three months.” Is this a bad idea and why?

    1. It’s a very good idea, Sheree. As long as that process is not overly burdensome.

      Not only can you gather valuable intel by learning why a subscriber wants to opt-out. You can also use (as you suggest) a standalone or integrated preference center in which the subscriber can adjust the volume, timing, or content of the emails they receive.

      Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

  5. Guess I missed the unsubscribe link the first scan of the email, so logged in and from account I am unable to unsubscribe without filling out all their profile info. When i did find the unsubscribe link from email it was easy enough, but says I’ll have to wait 10 days for them to process it. Making people go through annoying hoops just to opt out of something they never opt into in the first place!? Don’t think I’ll buy anything Guitar Center Online again.

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