The Value of Email Marketing

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Fellow Only Influencers member, Dela Quist, was kind enough to share this revealing infographic with the group, which he nabbed from ReadWriteWeb.

What does it all mean to you? Well, for some time now Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have been enjoying the lion’s share of media attention and marketing mindshare, not to mention budgets and human resources. Yet, all the while email is used far more than any other social channel, in fact it’s twice that of Facebook and Twitter combined. Just sayin’.

Tickled your fancy? Be sure to read the entire ReadWriteWeb post, there you’ll also find an excellent video series.

Scott Hardigree | Indiemark


  1. I’m a believer! I literally have to forbid myself from opening e-mails on a regular basis. Yet, I can watch their wall posts all day without temptation.

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