How important is your subject line?

Take a look at the email screenshot below. Let me know if you see the potential confusion that I see.

Business Email Marketing Samples

On the whole, this is a pretty solid email from LegalZoom. It’s a very simple offer, quick and to the point. It contains solid use of preheader text, whitelisting requests, header images, headlines, and content. What’s not to like?

The subject line. Specifically, the first two words of the subject line: “We’ve Moved!”

Should I classify this as an “Oops” or am I missing a Vandals song reference in the title? If it’s not a Vandals reference, then it has to be a mistake given that there is no reference to moving anywhere in the content of the message.

Perhaps a better subject line could have been: “Free Joe Friday! Get Free Legal Advice Every Friday.”

The moral of this story: The subject line is the second thing your recipients look at beyond who the email is from. A misleading subject line can destroy response metrics in a heartbeat.

About the Author: Scott Cohen is Vice President of Managed Services at Inbox Group. He also writes on email marketing, fatherhood, sports, and politics on