Email Marketers – Don’t Be So Needy

You know the three day rule when calling someone who just gave you their number? — Wait a long time to call that cutie or hunk who gave you their number and they’ll think you’re oh-so-cool. Call them very quickly an you’ll come off as a needy loser. It’s a fact.

As email marketers, why settle for just “cool” when we could be SUPER cool? Let’s make ’em wait an entire month or even a year! By then the anticipation should have built to such extreme levels that the recipient physically can’t help themselves from clicking and buying anything and everything you throw at them! (That, or they forgot who you are and mark you as a dirty spammer…)

This week’s email marketing protip – Be super cool. Forget the prompt welcome emails, you don’t want to look needy, and if you’re sending more than once a year, backoff. You don’t want to scare off those handsome and beautiful folks on your list! Don’t worry people on the internet are well known for their long attention span and even longer memory, they won’t forget you.


Today’s completely un-sarcastic post and comic provided by Evan Diaz of Lucky Red Pixel. You can also find him @evandiaz


  1. Why email people at all? We all know email is dead! It’s not like your customers are going to forget about you or be tempted by your competitors offers! haha

    Love the post Evan!

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