Knee-Jerk Reaction: Polldaddy Personalization

Here’s a perfect example of email personalization, gone bad. Unknown?!?! Why does Polldaddy feel the need to bruise my already fragile ego? Why?

Polldaddy Email Marketing Mishap

Don’t want to be this guy? Check out the The Power of Personalization.


  1. Could be also that they though that personalizing their emails is not worth putting time into because they didn’t want to increase revenue for the company.

    I mean if you seriously think about it who really wants to make customers feel “awesome” by personalizing the message and in turn make more money through a properly setup email campaigns ? LOL

  2. :) So funny.
    I am worrying about data quality that’s why I try to avoid first names or surnames within email. Although it may increase opens and clicks to start with, people will get bore after w while. It is more important to personalise the email so it contains relevant content to the recipient rather than his/hers name

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