As a matter of disclosure, is who I host my blog ( through. And, as a paying customer, I am on their email list. I would classify GoDaddy as pretty aggressive in their campaigns, always harping on discounts and deals to get additional sales. My being a sole-domain-long-term customer, I am clearly not their bread-and-butter customer.

That said, their creative stands out to me sometimes. Like the following message:

What stands out to me as positives:

  • The subject line got me to open immediately. “Was it something we said?” is clever, and I opened without hesitation.
  • Solid use of a top banner… even if “Exclusive offer from” is a little considering it’s a different deal each week. A little like the “Boy who cried wolf.”
  • A reminder of the value proposition in the body copy is good.
  • A prominent deadline and prominent calls to action are well-placed both at the top and bottom of the main message.

What I don’t like:

  • I own a single domain and have purchased hosting and the domain name for 5 years. I’ve made no other orders before or after, and it’s been nearly 9 months since that purchase. What sort of engagement metrics are being used to push further orders if I’m a single purchase customer?
  • The image-laden header is way too big in my opinion. Their use of alt-text is really good, but they’re pushing the image on me. Which is a bit funny, because the GoDaddy backend is anything but. (I’m a fan and happy customer, so don’t get me wrong.)
  • Seems odd that the message would be signed by Bob Parsons, the founder. I know as customers we’ve become sophisticated to the point that we acknowledge it’s all “marketing” anyway, but I would always push for a level of credibility in the voice if at all possible. And I doubt that Bob is concerned about a 25% off of $60 purchase deal.

All in all, this is another message that has some solid work put into it.


About the Author: Scott Cohen is the Marketing Copywriter for Western Governors University. He also writes on email marketing, fatherhood, sports, and politics on and contributes to the Email Zoo Blog.