You’d think that a email list brokerage and management company like Macromark or the sender/list owner, Target Marketing Magazine, would know a thing or two about email rendering, alt tags, text-to-image ratios, constrained images proportions, snippets, or pre-header text. Apparently not.  Check out this little beauty:

Before the images were downloaded.Dear Macromark, Your self promotions are crap. Sincerly, Email Critic

Besides the fact that I recognized the sender name, Target Marketing, this email would be a textbook example of what NOT to do.

The subject line “New To The Market at Macromark!” is unmotivated and generally uncreative. I can only assume that Macromark must think I’ve been waiting around all year for their new to market list. Goody, it must be Christmas.

Don’t even get me started on the text-to-image ratio or the countless missed opportunities to engage me. Frankly, there are too many points to cover in a concise post. Put it this way, I would normally show you what the promo would look like once the images were downloaded and give a full critique but this email is simply too bad to give them the exposure. Sorry Mac.