1. Conventional businesses (~ retail outlets, restaurants etc like the Candy Bar above) have a true difficulty collecting customer signup information at their place of business. The signup cards, the fishbowls, the drop boxes,, all these need someone to collect them and input them manually into Email Marketing software to be able to use it effectively. Kiosks are an overkill (cost vs benefit wise) for small and medium sized retail outlets just for the sake of Email Marketing.

    Since you are after their email marketing, you took the effort the go online and hunt down the email signup form. I bet for most of the businesses, it’s just customary to have this signup form hooked up to some email marketing provider with the default setup (if any) done at the initial implementation. I wonder if they ever put in the effort to properly manage their email lists.

    BTW, we (Sterizon) specializes in wireless data collection of customer information (for email lists) and feedback at the place of business with Sterizon wiZit wi-fi device. Target where the customers are (place of business), not where you want them to be (online).


  2. Having been a former kiosk manufacturer for retail, I can tell you that bricks and mortar retailers are very slow technology adopters. They are more likely to get their on-line approach honed than their in-store.

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