I recently received a newsletter from Davemail, a company that provides managed email marketing services, from design to copy writing to delivery.

The content was snappy, fresh and on point and brand. The subject line  reminded me of who the sender was and what the the content centered around. Good stuff. Dave even remind me to follow him on Twitter, a far better alternative than the traditional Forward to a Friend functionality.

All-in-all it was a  good email…expect for how the email rendered in Gmail. See for yourself:

Davemail newsletter: Pre-download.Davemail newsletter: Pre-download.
Davemail has major issues in Gmail.Davemail has major issues in Gmail.

If davemail were not the experts I would give them a grade of B- but considering their value proposition and service offerings I must give them a solid D.

In their defense, the message rendered pretty well in Outlook and AOL, but you can’t forget Gmail and it’s growing market share.